Trevor Phillips is a deranged psychopath who stars as a main character in the video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V for short). In SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, he actually only appears in the episode "Retarded64: Mario for Hire.", in which he apparently works in an office by lying on a desk and not giving a crap. He eventually makes his full appearance in Grand Theft Mario - If Mario was in... GTA V.

Physical Appearance Edit

Trevor Phillips is a man with a dark hair. In the blooper, he wears blue jeans and a dark T-shirt.


Retarded64: Mario for HireEdit

Trevor Phillips appear in the Super Mario Business Time part, in which Mario works in an office to obtain money for buying a new kart after he broken his previous one. Trevor apparently works there too. At one moment, Mario starts to be hungry, and then asks Trevor if he has any food. However the man doesn't care, and tries to murder the red plumber with a gun, but Mario jumps just before Trevor pulls on him, so he misses Mario, and accidentally kill Mega Man Volnutt, who was working on his computer in the background behind Mario at the same moment.

Grand Theft Mario - If Mario was in... GTA VEdit


♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫Edit

Trevor appeared after Eggbot 2000 was blasting everyone.

Lyrics: While Eggman and his bot were blasting everyone

Trevor came in with giant ass gun

He unloaded on everybody at the scene

When Hagrid ran him over on his machine

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