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Tubbie Leader is the leader of the teletubbies (at least, a leader of a group of Teletubies who were engaging in The Purge) and is the main villain in SMG4: The Mario Purge (Halloween 2018).


He first appears on a monitor screen during the Purge, asking the main cast to let he and the rest of the Teletubbies in, because he is here only for Bob. The main cast don’t obey, so the Tubby Leader manages to break in, and order the Teletubbies to capture them.

Later, when all the targets were captured, he tries to kill Bob; however the purge ended just before he could do so. His pumpkin mask falls off and he starts to act like a normal Teletubby.

In a Flashback sequence, it is revealed that Bob kicked his bowl of Tubby Custard while he was about to eat, which is the sole reason the Tubby Leader wants to kill Bob in the first place.


  • He is likely based off of the Polite Leader. Both are after a person the protagonists are harboring.

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