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Tubby Bison was a red Teletubbie that worked with Ztar. He is one of the main antagonists of SM64: Bad Star's Back! 300k special.


His Army

SMG4 and Mario trapped by the teletubbie army.

Tubby Bison leads his army of Teletubbies that are equipped as follows:

  • Po Teletubbies: They are equipped with rocket launchers and crowbars.
  • Laa-laa Teletubbies: They are equipped identically to the Po Teletubbies, except one of them holding up a peace sign.
  • Dipsie Teletubbies: Most of them have rocket launchers except one who has a minigun.
  • Tinky Winkie teletubbies: One of them handles a Katana, one a revolver and one a crowbar.


  • Tubby Bison is named by the fandom for his M. Bison hat.
  • Tubby Bison might be prove that Teletubbies sometimes have mercenaries for hire jobs.
  • He is presumably shot and killed by Mario and SMG4, since he is never seen again.

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