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Tubby Custard is a pink, soup-like substance that Teletubbies eat, however it is loathed by every other organism. It tends to show up in almost every video where a Teletubby appears.


In Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2! it is revealed that the main ingredient is marijuana. Adding a Super Mushroom to the mix will cause a chemical reaction that creates Shrek. This contrasts with SM64 Bloopers: Where the Wild Teletubbies are, which shows that the custard is created by inserting Doritos into a processor. It is the main ingredient Tubbie Wonka uses for spaghetti.



  • In the Teletubbies TV series, Tubby Custard is one of the two favorite foods of Teletubbies, the other one is Tubby Toast.
  • It seems that Tubby Custard is their secret weapon for world domination, since they want the world to be only for Teletubbies. Therefore, they put drugs in their Tubby Custard to intoxicate people.
  • According to Mario Joins Discord Mario thinks Tubby Custard stinks.

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