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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Two Great Friends!, more often simply called Two Great Friends! is the 164th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It's a blooper that focuses at the old cast of SuperMarioGlitchy4 bloopers (especially FightingMario54321 and Nintendoofan997) and is about FM54321 moving into Xboxfan997's house after his landlord goes on mushrooms.


FM is running through streets to X's house because Old Man is looking at him and he needs a place to stay. However, he finds out that there are too much people (such as Daisy, who is going crazy in the bathroom) in X's house so him and X find a place for FM to stay. But FM takes Ben along with them. They go to an office, and while Ben asks for drugs, to which MCG replies they don't sell drugs there, X asks for a house for FM. The two friends then follow Toad, who shows them several houses. But none of them is suitable to FM. When they're back to the office, Ben destroys the place, setting it on fire, merely because he didn't get drugs. FM and X throw him out of X's car and flee, with Ben shouting at the duo. X tells FM how Ben only screwed his chance of getting a place to live, while FM simply replies there has to be a place for him. They also knock Wario down in the process.

X asks FM if he has a house or a job, both to which FM reply "Nope". X reluctantly lets FM stay at his house, but says that he(FM) needs a job. After being stopped by a cop, the duo try different jobs for FM, being namely: janitor (which was turned down due to the fact that FM was seemingly choking on the broom), pilot (which only resulted with FM crashing the plane he was piloting), and pole-dancing, which X was doing, but only resulted in an "Oh, Hell no!" from FM. 100 jobs later,FM goes to the "CEO office of Really Important Jobs", while he tries to convince the Boss to give him a job, even going so far as to saying he will clean the Boss's nipples. The Boss says"Wow,that's really interesting!", before exploding leaving a coin. FM says he's F***ing done, but X replies he's not. Afterwards, the duo go to a grocery store, where X tells FM to shut up, since X will do the talking. However, this fails because FM sees a can of beans on a table, which ends with the duo being kicked out. X gives up on FM and leaves, when SMG4 comes down singing to X, when he falls.

It is then revealed that Mario was holding him with a rope. X asks if SMG4 is the angel of death, while SMG4 replies he only went to buy spaghetti for Mario, and that FM said he would pay SMG4 50 coins to sing to X. Afterwards X says they will have to find a job tomorrow, and tries to get in his house, only to discover it's locked. They see Ben inside, apparently getting revenge on the way they ditched him. FM manages to kick Ben out of the house, and demands an apology, but Ben farts at him, which results in FM's can of beans to fall into the old man's yard. FM tries to retrieve the beans, only to find his feet stuck in the grass. The old man comes out, with FM desperately trying to get X to rescue him, but X runs away telling him his(FM)'s funeral is on Monday. Ben also runs away when asked for help. The old man rapes FM, and at X's house tells everyone how he met his "wife", causing Ben to shout "What the F**k?".



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