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Ultimate Diss Track is a rap song made by Bob Bobowski that was featured in SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track. He performs his rap to insult and betray his former friends (with the exception of Saiko) by humiliating and ranting on them, ultimately leading them to get back at him.


Sit down folks,
Let me tell ya a little story.
About the time,
Before all my sexy glory...

I knew a group of people
That was just so irritating
As soon as I met them,
My life became devastating

First was Mario a fat ass b****;
His pasta fetish made me wanna put him in a ditch.
Then there's Luigi now, he's just dead weight
Oh yeah, then again, he was easy to manipulate.

Don't get me started on the annoying squid girl,
the sound of her voice was like screeching metal.
There was this blue haired chick, but I forgot her name,
When I think about it she couldn't shut up about games.

Toad and Bowser, what a waste of space,
SMG4, an unfunny disgrace.
Then there was this green turd, oh god why?
His love for anime made me wanna die!

Ultimate Diss Track, Ultimate Diss Track
Your dignity in life, you're never getting back
Ultimate Diss Track Ultimate Diss Track
you're never gonna recover from this ultimate attack.

True Story


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SMG4: Mario and The Diss Track


  • Saiko was the only one not to be dissed in Bob's music track, but it didn’t prevent her from creating her own diss track along with everyone else.
  • Even though Mario was still dissed, he was very happy that he is on TV. However he still turned his back on Bob after Darkest Hour was released.
  • Bob insulted Meggy's voice, but ironically, Meggy would get a new voice in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020.
  • This is the only song to not be on Spotify, but is available on YouTube and SoundCloud

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