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Undyne is a character in the 2015 indie-game Undertale. She is the leader of the Royal Guard and a boss encountered in Waterfall. She also makes an appearance in Deltarune as the Chief of Police for Hometown.


Mariotale - If Mario was in...Undertale.

Undyne first meets Mario when she burst into Napstablook's house due to the horrible music Mario was playing. However, upon seeing him, she battles him in order to take his soul. Mario proceeds to jump on her but deals only one damage. She then attacks back by firing one of her attacks at him but as soon as Mario summoned a Teletubbie, she was forced to run with Mario away from the crazed Teletubby in a tank. She later reappears near the end where she declares that he had to die, just for Asgore to stop her saying that Mario might be too evil to have a soul.

SMG4: If Mario was in... Deltarune

She appears again as the Hometown's Chief of Police hanging out with a donut in her hand, just for Mario to drive back to her and take her donut, enraging her into giving Mario a 5-star wanted level. She tried to go into the school to arrest Mario but failed due to Susie bumping her out of the way in the bid to attack Mario. She later reappears at the end with both the police force and the military surrounding Mario to arrest him.


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