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SuperMarioGlitchy4 Wiki

I am a big fan of Mario (Even though the only Nintendo consoles I own are the DS and the Wii), so SMG4’s channel and this wiki have all the Mario-related content and entertainment for me. Having a good time!

My favorite characters

  • Luigi (He’s my fav Mario character in general)
  • SMG4 (He’s very funny)
  • Fishy Boopkins’ Dad (I love how he swats away everyone who picks on his son)

My least favorite characters

  • SMG3 (No reason for him to exist AT ALL)
  • Bowser (HE’S A JACKASS)
  • Kermit the Frog (GameGrumps defaced a classic childhood character, and replaced him with a murder-obsessed, child-hating, and vulgar imposter)

My ideas for SMG4 videos

  • War of the Skinny Italians (Like War of the Fat Italians, only it’s Luigi vs. Waluigi, and there’s an actual winner declared in the end)
  • The Death of Bob (Bob is killed off the show for GOOD)
  • R64: Stupid Mario Party 2 (The original Stupid Mario Party was amazin, so a sequel would be WONDERFUL)
  • Super Luigi Land (Waluigi kidnaps Daisy, and Luigi, accompanied by his brother Mario, goes to rescue her)
  • New Stupid Mario Bros. (A Stupid Mario video based on New Super Mario Bros.)
  • Wedding Crasher (Mario proposes to Peach, and the two are finally gonna get married, but when the wedding is crashed, Luigi and SMG4 become hard-boiled detective in order to track down the culprits)