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R.I.P Waluigi's powers

Wallet inspector

My favorite pages so far in no particular order (Ha useless text)

How i learned about SMG4

I was playing Super Mario 64 on the Virtual Console at the time and i wanted to know if there was any infinity money glitches, so i searched SM64 Guides How to get easy coins and i found SM64 Guides: How To Get Dem Coins, and from the name it sounded kind of like a meme/sketch video, but me being me i watched it anyway. after it was finished i thought it was pretty funny so i clicked on the channel, and Thanos came to my house and made the next 2 years of my life go into ashes.

What i thought of the Waluigi Arc

Caution SignDisclaimer: This was written by semi-younger me, I've improved with Grammar and writing, you have been warned.Caution Sign This is a review of every episode of the Waluigi Arc.

SMG4: Waluigi's Time
i feel like the idea was kinda forced, since everybody was talking about how Waluigi didn't make it into smash so SMG4 had to make this video.

The video itself is alright but it's not like SM64 Guides: How to Get Dem Coins where you can watch it a couple of times before it gets old.

The video is in general pretty mediocre.

SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus
This for me is one of the best parts of the Waluigi Arc.

i really like shows/story's/videos that has a virus or something like that, and when they are infected they join the other side (Which is in general why i like the Waluigi Arc).

The ending was pretty anti climatic, because instead of mario maybe accidentally finding the cure, Peach just comes out of nowhere and saves the day.

SMG4: The Mario Café
This video is barely a part of the Waluigi Arc.

The video has a really good plot, character emotions, and jokes, the part i disliked the most was the part when Waluigi showed up, so on the Waluigi Arc side of things it is horrible.

SMG4: Mario SAW
i hated the SAW movies so it wasn't really weird that i didn't like this video, i don't really feel the need to very worried about the characters in the movie, because i didn't care enough about them, and in the video i knew they weren't gonna kill of Luigi or Mario, but the T-Pose virus i know they aren't afraid of using it on main characters.

The humor was really bad.

The video was mainly used to add more to the Waluigi Arc.

SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist
I feel almost the same for this video as i do for SMG4: Mario SAW, because it feels like it was just there to add to the story, about Wario missing Waluigi.

The humor was again really bad.

The best part was probably the Wheelchair Koopa part.

SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer
I loved everything with this video, except Tari, i just don't like her as a character, she just feels forced for the Waluigi Arc.

The humor was really good.

I loved that there was a easter egg of Waluigi's shadow.

But it's not really part of the Waluigi Arc.

SMG4: The Mario Carnival
This video was a great one, but it's not really related to the Waluigi Arc except that Tari is in the video and that Bob mentioned it.
SMG4: The Mario Convention!
I loved the whole of this video until the end when Waluigi showed up, even do it was a great part it was just that it made me feel "Ughhhhhh do they really have to continue with this?" but what happened after this 100% made up for it.
SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse
I loved literally everything about this video, the emotions were amazing, the plot was amazing everything was amazing, this wanted me to get much much more.


Fishy Boopkins Plays VRChat
I hated this video.

I did not like the Mario Plays VRCHAT video, so it wasn't a suprise.

Since their not scripted there's almost nothing to laugh at and i wanted more of the Waluigi Arc if that makes sense.

The ending wasn't really that great either.

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018

Even do i wanted a normal War Of The Fat Italians, the rap battle was so worth it.

I F"!)=&% LOVED IT.

End of review
Final status "thats ok i guess"

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