aka Colin Steveson

  • I live in California, USA
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Wikia, Video Games
  • I am Not the guy who (insert something here)
  • Bio Oh hey there, I am InternetProblem
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Mario, Please. You're in my no-zone. Please go away Mario, Please. You're in my no-zone. Please go away.
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Hey there, I am InternetProblem I am just another user who is a user on wikis and in my other time I go on Discord (username at bottom of template), play video games (I'm a massive fan of Smash, Mario, Pokemon & Animal Crossing) watches YouTube (I mainly like certain YouTubers but I'm not on all wikis of channels I like) and I work (not telling you where I work cause I don't want to)

    • Internet Testing Wiki - Bureaucrat + Administrator + Founder (From August 14th to September 6th 2018) Reason: Wiki closed

NOTE: I will not be active on this wiki until at the earliest April 25th.

Hey I am InternetProblem, I like SMG4 (but not so much that I watch it for hours non-stop) so there is the reason why I came here or at least one of the reasons.

My admin plans (Obviously not begging, probably not going to happen since this was well over a year ago)

Hi if you don't know who I am I have been on this wiki since 12th August 2018 There have been users who got bureaucrat rights and they have been on this wiki shorter then I have, as a regular user I have not been as active as the Titototter wiki because I have been a bureaucrat there (also head-admin) since 2nd August 2018 [Please note: I am not the founder of the Titototter wiki it was KevinaThrashera so I adopted the wiki to get bureaucrat rights] if I become one on this wiki, I will be a massive help to the wiki

What I will do as a admin:

  • make a page so people can know the wiki's administrators (I will also do former admins)
  • make user of the month for this wiki (also article of the month)
  • Make a staff application through Google forums (as well as unblock appeals)
  • open more stuff to the forums
  • make transcripts (I am gonna start doing this more, if I’m not busy)
  • Update the latest video on the main page
  • A lot more!

I have done a bit as a regular user if I become a admin, I would help this wiki even further [I am not begging for admin]

My favorite videos

My least favorite videos

My favorite characters

My least favorite characters

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