I am an American YouTube Pooper who makes you-already-know-what on YouTube. What is YouTube Poop? A YouTube Poop (often known as YTP for short) is a type of video mashup made by editing pre-existing media sources for the purposes of humor, entertainment, shock, and/or confusion. Technically it's like making SM64 bloopers except you're only using an editing software and the source you want to edit. I discovered SMG4 in March of 2013 around the time when his blooper "SM64: Like a bowser (like a boss parody)" was his latest upload. 5 months later, I started using his bloopers in my future uploads that starred his bloopers in the following videos (from oldest to newest):

1. Salad SMG4

2. supermariotrippy4

3. YouTube Poop: A Rich and Obese mustard plumber infiltrates an overweight red plumber's bathroom

4. {supermarioglitchy4} Luigi: MARIO! {Sparta CyberD3ath Mix}

5."Google Plus". An organization created by Satan to destroy YouTube

6. Enzo's Real Psychotic Side

7. YTP: supermarioglitchy4 adopts a deranged toad (800 sub special) This video was the first time SMG4 noticed my content.

8. supermarioglitchy4 Mario-cizes the month of April

9. YTP: supermarioglitchy4 becomes the dictator of spaghetti (1K sub special)

10. {DELETED SCENE} Enzo captures the wrong person


The Mayor and President of Glitches and Spaghetti collabs (The SMG4 YouTube Poop Collab)

The YTP collab of SMG4 I've hosted

11. The SuperMarioGlitchy4 YTP Collab

12. YTP: Supermarioglitchy4 buys a Project64 from the italians

13. SMG4's bloopers gives you aids

14. The "STAHP RIGHT THERE!" compilation

15. I KILL YOU WITH-A MY NOSE!!!!!!!!!!


17. How to (correctly) use the Waaluigi Launcher

18. Shy Guy debuts on Toast Network

19. Maireo gets blasted by a thousand military cannons Latest time SMG4 sees my content

20. All your spaghetti are belong to us

21. SuperMarioGlitchy4 gets even more glitchy

22. (YTP) Mario Takes In The Greed of Coins Over Spaghetti

I have also appeared in SMG4's 2 million fan collaboration video, along with my own SM64 color code that I have made years ago. To be honest, I was quite surprised that my entry made it into the collab itself, considering the fact that this is my very first attempt at making an SM64 Machinima video.

Color Code

8107EC20 9349

8107EC22 0000

8107EC24 9349

8107EC26 0000

8107EC28 FF80

8107EC2A 0000

8107EC2C FF80

8107EC2E 0000

8107EC38 0040

8107EC3A 0000

8107EC3C 0040

8107EC3E 0000

8107EC40 0080

8107EC42 0000

8107EC44 0080

8107EC46 0000

8107EC50 00FF

8107EC52 8000

8107EC54 00FF

8107EC56 8000

8107EC58 00FF

8107EC5A 0000

8107EC5C 00FF

8107EC5E 0000

8107EC68 FF00

8107EC6A 0000

8107EC6C FF00

8107EC6E 0000

8107EC70 FF00

8107EC72 0000

8107EC74 FF00

8107EC76 0000

8107EC80 F396

8107EC82 3800

8107EC84 F396

8107EC86 3800

8107EC88 FBDC

8107EC8A BD00


8107EC8E BD00

8107EC98 0000

8107EC9A 0000

8107EC9C 0000

8107EC9E 0000

8107ECA0 0000

8107ECA2 0000

8107ECA4 0000

8107ECA6 0000


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