aka Caio de Sousa

  • I live in Brazil
  • I am Male
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SMG4 and his boyfriend

Luigi starrar

Mah houm

Salve, I'am Souucaio23 or just call me Souu23, and i am the user here (obviously).


Q: Why you have this username?

A: Because is just a random name.

Q: where you live?

A: Brazil.

Q: You have a favorite show?

A: Yes, is Ssenmodnar and retarded64.

Q: Sonic or Merio?

A: Sonic, but we can like both ;-)

Q: Why you like bob?

A: he's just a idiot, and he is a interesting character.

Q: You like all comedy?

A: Yeah, but i don't like offensive comedy.

And that's it.


  • Watch comedy videos
  • Bob
  • Chocolate
  • Memes
  • Bad Jokes (For example: Apple+Pen=Penapple)
  • Trains


  • fanaticism
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