The Mario Concert 271.png I don't need anyone, i'm gonna build my rap career, bigger this time...
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Hi I am The RPG Gamer AKA Phil from various other wikis as shown above. I love SMG4 he's such a awesome hilarious YouTuber and he's come so far to reach 1 Million subscribers. I also am a huge fan of Kenny James (Bowser's current voice actor). See you on the wiki. :D

I am currently the most active admin on this wiki and I am expanding the pages such as adding missed stuff and keeping them up to date and removing useless stuff and deleting uncessary stuff. If you have a question ask me on my talk page. I am not a strict admin (like the ones from Mariowiki), I am actually a fun admin so unless you do something truly bad on this wiki like major vandalism or trolling, you can be free to edit all you like... :)

Btw this is my YouTube Channel, I know it doesn't have many videos on it but the plan is to upload some more...

These are my Alt Accounts

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