A story arc where SMG3 frames Mario for robbing a bank.

Episode 1

SMG3 has come up with a plan to ruin SMG4's career. Get Mario sent to jail, as he's pretty much the face of SMG4's videos. He then puts on a black bodysuit, robs a bank, and plants three false clues that make it look like Mario did it. 1) A drop of tomato sauce. 2) A shoe print found on soot. 3) A witness seeing the robber wearing a redcap with an M.

Episode 2

Mario has been put on trial. With Peach as the judge, and Meggy as his lawyer... again. The characters called to the stand: Fish Boopkins, Bob, Detective Pikachu, Master Hand, Luigi, SMG4, Shroomy, a Chain Chomp, Hobo Mario, Tari, and Saiko. In a random order. Unfortunately, they only succeed in making Mario look bad in front of the jury. Mostly due to Meggy's opposing lawyer further questioning the witnesses. And that Mario doesn't remember where he was when the crime took place. As a result, Mario has been found guilty.

Episode 3

Mario spending time in prison. At one point, he eats a spaghetti flavored cake that Luigi sent. A cake with an escape tool hidden inside. Once Mario can't stand prison anymore than he already has, he decides to escape Shawshank Redemption style.

Episode 4

Bowser hosts tryouts for a new assistant chef at his cafe. Once he finds the perfect replacement, a news report of Mario's escape from prison is shown.

Episode 5

Life in the Mario Bros' house and Peach's Castle without Mario. Towards the end, everyone (except Toad) expresses the painfully obvious fact that they won't admit. The gang miss Mario.

Episode 6

Mario is still on the run. Then he makes his way to Cap Kingdom. At one point, Cappy asks if Mario is afraid of the police finding him in Cap Kingdom to catch him. To which Mario denies by repeating the sentence. "Afraid of the police?"

Episode 7

While tracking down Mario, the gang come across a new piece of evidence that suggest that Mario couldn't have robbed the bank. A piece of hair that the police confiscated, but somehow didn't bother to bring it in for DNA testing. Once the gang locates Mario (wearing a disguise), they encourage Mario to think back to where he was when the bank was robbed. After a thought about spaghetti, Mario finally remembers that he was at the grocery store buying spaghetti. Later, the gang observes footage of the bank robbery, and carefully analyzes the true culprit.

Episode 8

Mario goes to beat up SMG3 while the gang finds comparing footage at Mario's trip to the grocery store. A fight between Mario and SMG3 ensues, not before the latter called the police. At the end of the fight, the cops arrive, and SMG3 demands that they arrest Mario. Before they could cuff Mario, the gang arrives with evidence proving that Mario was framed, and SMG3 was the culprit. Mario is now cleared of charges, and the cops then arrest SMG3. Who is then scene forced into community service. Everything is back to normal.