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    First Post

    November 29, 2017 by Souucaio23

    Heya I'm Souu23 and this is my first post, as user and contributor (making edits and articles) is my part being active, but i was practically one MONTH being inactive. Anyway, when i was active, making edits, i gain my first silver medal, this sounds idiot, but i like that and get happy (for another reason).

    however when i was in my "vacation", doing school lessons i was planning to come back to this wiki, but i just forget to come back (sorry), and another reason is, the visits of my grandfather and grandmother, 'cause i visit them, w/ my dads, another reason is my broken computer, actually i'm using my mom's laptop, but my old laptop is broken, and if it depended on him, i will never be back here, but i am back.

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