UPDATE: Project's up and live! Go check it out and hop to it! This link will take you to it

Hey guys, looky here:

Warn ssb4 This article or section is in severe need of cleanup!
Well, perhaps not in severe need, but we really need to fix it up! Grammar, vocab, whatever is needed, it's needed!

You may still edit the article or section, but please be cautious when doing so. Thank you.

See? Here's the deal: This wiki is horrible.

....horrible in quality....

.....quality of article makeup.

See how vagueness can give off the wrong idea? Welp, we have opinionated trivia, we have wrong grammar, we have all in all, to quote the many "useless" categories, pictures, plot points, E-T-C. How will this be done away with?


A bit concerned considering we tried with Project Canon, and not even the creator did anything, hell I was the only one who did anything. Luckily we have a fresh new recruit who I think we can all agree would be great to head this effort.

Screenshot 6wiki


Here's what I suppose: Massive cleanup effort with the following heading various efforts:

The_Zog.-Overall editing and supervision

Pinkolol16-Overall editing and administrative action

EmigaRaptor-Reports (namely useless things, categories, trivia, etc.) and overall editing

SHOULD this be approved I will create a page actually detailing the guidelines, fingers crossed!

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