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Viktor Smokavich is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is the leader of the Mushroom Scouts who made his first appearance in SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout.

In the blooper, he is shown to train each Mushroom Scout multiple essential skills that will help them, like crafting tents, bird watching and wood sculpting, giving badges to those who succeed. He also teaches them... other... skills, like piloting an attack helicopter and making a rocket launcher with a rock and a stick. While training Mario, Bob Bobowski, Fishy Boopkins and Toad in these skills, his briefcase is stolen by Bowser and his Eagle Scouts and Viktor tasks Mario and company with retrieving it, which they do successfully. In the end, he then departs for Mother Russia by spinning into the sun.

He makes a brief cameo in SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces where he and Shroomy are making a fire. He made another cameo in SMG4: The Mario Showdown, where he is seen taking (or teaching) monster truck driving lessons with Shroomy, along with others. However, in all of his cameo appearances, he doesn't have any lines, due to his voice actor, Harry Brown, being unavailable having already left the crew years ago.


  • He is likely based off of Smokey the Bear. Both Viktor and Smokey are talking brown bears that teach people important lessons, Viktor about survival skills and Smokey about fire safety. Also, Viktor's surname is "Smokavich".
  • It is heavily implied that he is from Russia; he speaks with a Russian accent and uses several Russian words in his dialogue. Furthermore, his exit at the end of SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout is done to the USSR National anthem. Also, he's bear — animal, that associates with Russia.
    • Though, his surname is more Serbian or Belarusian than Russian.
  • He owns a briefcase with something that's apparently important inside, but this is never revealed.
  • Shroomy is his star pupil, having earned over 300,000 badges from Viktor.
  • He knows how to make a rocket launcher with a rock and stick. The trick is never shown on screen and he is forced to flee from The Police before he finishes explaining it.
  • Viktor is implied to have gotten in trouble with the police at least once; he runs away as soon as he hears police sirens.


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