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SMG4, video description

WELCOME TO SMG4'S MAGICAL LAND OF RETARDEDNESS is a channel trailer video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4 showing memorable clips of his past videos. In 2017, the channel trailer was removed from SMG4's channel home page, and now it can only be accessed with a link since it's unlisted.


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Mario tells SMG4 to look at something, before he asks what he is doing, so he replies that he is making a blooper. Mario asks what a blooper is, which rounds off the clips.

  • SwagMaster69696969696 saying "Swag mode activate" in a white background.
  • Mario jumping far by exploding, from the episode Long Jump.
  • Mario using lasers in a car, from the episode A Murder Without Peach.
  • Waluigi, on his kart, falling and saying "Surprise, mother f*cker" from the episode Retarded64: Retard Karts 101.
  • SMG4 randomly screaming.
  • Po saying "tubby custard" before Mario runs from a horde of Teletubbies.
  • SMG4 on Isle Delfino saying, "So much swag," while police sirens are wailing.
  • Luigi jumping in shock when he sees Mario looking at a poster of Peach while being naked
  • Mario hovering in the courtyard while laughing.
  • Daisy and Luigi standing next to one another while Mario, holding a Bob-omb, says "Mama # f!#$-" and is cut off by the explosion.
  • Bowser saying "B!TCH I'M FABULOUS" while wearing pixelated sunglasses.
  • An angry Mario in a chair saying, "She's a b!tch!" from the (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of mario.
  • A surprised Luigi and Mario saying, "Oh sh!t!"

Cutting back to SMG4's computer room, a shocked Mario tries to back away from what he saw, but SMG4 says that "there's more".

  • Steve angrily playing the piano along with two Notches.
  • A horde of green Shy Guys and Koopas hovering around Luigi.
  • Waluigi after being used as a Waluigi Launcher.
  • A bob-omb spinning around in a circle saying gibberish.
  • Slenderman wearing pixelated sunglasses saying "YEEEAAA".
  • Wario panicking when riding Yoshi.
  • A black guy with a panda screaming "Nooooo!!!".
  • SMG4 and Mario, while Mario saying "F!ck!".
  • Morgan Freeman said "Titty Sprinkles".
  • The sun from The Teletubbies saying "F!CK him up!".
  • FM is attacked by an old man.
  • A woman saying "Raisins!".
  • A Toad saying "Well I brought this cat".
  • FM crying.
  • Mario with a giant Toad saying, "I don't give a sh!t!" from Super Mario Attorney.
  • I got friends!
  • SMG3 jumping into the side of Peach's castle.
  • Mario crashing passing Bowser who is reading '50 shades of Koopa' from the episode Retarded64: Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory.

Characters Edit

The characters who appear in this video are:

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