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Waluigi is a classic main character in the SMG4 series.

He serves as one of the two secondary antagonist (alongside Wario) of the first six seasons, a supporting character of Season 7, the main antagonist of Season 8 and the Waluigi Arc, and a supporting character in the later seasons.

He is Luigi's evil doppelganger and Wario's adopted brother. He and his brother are homeless crooked criminals running around the Mushroom Kingdom, trying to gain money by any means, such as: scamming people, robbing banks, joining alongside other villains (namely SMG3), or simply a Taco stand. Waluigi can also be shaped into a rocket launcher, which others would call the Waluigi Launcher. He has a love-hate relationship with Wario, but the two always get along.

While Waluigi is cool and attractive, he sometimes appears to other people as annoying and stupid (exemplified by how he doesn't even know how to write an 'L'). For being rejected in Smash for far too long in SMG4: Waluigi's Time, he brings out his rejection and anger on everyone else until he gets into Smash. He became the main antagonist of the Waluigi Arc, where in his rejection-powered form called the WaluRambo, he gained amazing powers such as shapeshifting, mind-control and the ability to T-Pose anyone (with the exception of Master Hand) with his Staff of Rejection.

This power is the cause of SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus when Waluigi conjured a T-Pose Shroom to turn anyone into a T-Pose Zombie. During the Waluigi Arc, he tried to get all the other characters to hate him to reach his final form, to the point of torturing Mario and Luigi as seen in "Mario SAW".

During this time, Waluigi became a megalomaniac and went insane with his rejection powers, and his disappearance caused Wario to be lonely, which in term caused him to disappear as well. Thankfully, in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Waluigi reunited with his brother, thanks to SMG3, who is a therapist, and redeemed himself and reconciles with his brother. Despite this, Waluigi is still insecure over being rejected.

He hasn't had too many appearances in Season 9 and Season 10, and like Toad and Wario he mostly gets minor and cameo appearences since SMG4: Super Challenge 64 with only a few major roles.


Waluigi's origins in the Nintendo canon is mostly unknown, due to his creators not sharing much information about him. His voice actor, Charles Martinet claimed he and Wario were "two evil guys who found each other." As revealed in their bio on the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 game, He and Wario are not brothers.

The SMG4 version Waluigi was born and raised in the WAA kingdom with his older brother Wario, as revealed in The Wacky Wario Bros.: Waluigi Origins. When the two were children, they fought over Garlic Ice Cream near an ocean cliff, eventually causing the frozen treat to fly out of their hands and into the water. Wario attempted to catch the Ice Cream by jumping off the cliff, but Waluigi tried to save him by catching and pulling him back up. The attempt failed due to Waluigi's weak child arms, and Wario ended up falling on Toadsworth's boat to the Mushroom Kingdom. After being separated from his only known family member, Waluigi had begun to act very mischievously and greedy, causing him to grow up into the villain we know today.

Years pass. Waluigi had become the most famous criminal in the WAA Kingdom, causing violence and destruction, threatening the peace of the Waa citizens. Waluigi is taken into court, but rather than admitting his crimes and apologizing, he flips the entire courtroom off, causing him to be sent into exile.

Waluigi soon came upon the Mushroom Kingdom in his exile boat. After making it to the coast, he encountered Wario, who had just recently stolen a golden statue head from Bowser. Waluigi tried taking the gold from him, and the two fought over it until Bowser arrived, along with the MK Border Security to arrest Waluigi for illegal immigration.


While not to the degree his brother Wario is, Waluigi is greedy and will overcome many obstacles for a small personal gain. He is smarter than his brother and tends to be more focused on the task at hand when his cowardice doesn't get the best of him.

Also notable is that in the Wacky Wario Bros. episode: Money Mayhem, Waluigi spent about $800 bucks on weed, assuming that Waluigi smokes a lot and likes getting high. Despite his selfish demeanor, though, Waluigi has shown sympathy to others, including Fishy Boopkins in SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces.

Sometimes, Waluigi sells tacos at his taco stand, however, he doesn't have a lot of customers besides Mario and SMG4 (as seen in War Of The Fat Italians 2017). As of SMG4: Waluigi's Time and up until SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Waluigi became a major villain in the SMG4 series, replacing SMG3. Compared to previous villains, Waluigi was not comedic.

In Waluigi's Time, the video mostly consisted of Waluigi trying to come up with his Special Move to convince Master Hand that he was worthy of being added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster as a playable character. As hard as he tried, though, Waluigi didn't have any luck in this endeavor and was forced to accept the reality that he would never be in Super Smash Bros.

Ironically, this led to Waluigi getting his Special Move, as the sheer pain of the thought of being forever rejected and hated was so strong that Waluigi gained a superpower: the ability to "share his pain" with his victims, causing them to be overwhelmed with sadness and thus unable to fight back.

Waluigi showed off this new power to Master Hand, who was impressed enough to finally accept Waluigi into Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, finally being accepted into something caused Waluigi to lose his powers, causing Master Hand to instantly demote him to being an Assist Trophy again. This ended up being a huge mistake on Master Hand's part, though, as Waluigi regained his powers after that, to turn into WaluRambo, an omnipotent demigod capable of various dark magic abilities. In exchange of becoming WaluRambo, he then used his powers to cause chaos around the Mushroom Kingdom for the next couple months (including enslaving Master Hand) before Wario with the help of SMG3 stopped him.

In Season 10, it is showed that he is more economically and financially successful than his brother, seeing that he runs a taco van in SMG4: Mario VS Siren Head.

Criminal Record

  • Destruction and Violence: During his time in the Waa Kingdom, Waluigi caused these things.
  • Terrorism: Throughout the Waluigi Arc, Waluigi caused severe destruction and death.
  • Attempted Murder: In SMG4: War on Smash Bros Ultimate, Waluigi tried to unleash his rejection abilities on Tari, Mario, and SMG4 after Mario mentioned a Piranha Plant as a playable character. Despite not doing so, it still counts.
  • Bank Robbery, Stealing and Scamming: See Wario's page.

Powers and abilities

Waluigi is assumed to have the same abilities as everyone else in the Mushroom Kingdom, such as superhuman athleticism, strength (not as much as Wario, and not nearly as much as Mario) and durability.

However, Waluigi does have some unique traits. He is considered a master at tennis, having his only known loss be against Fishy Boopkins. Waluigi has also been shown to be able to swim through the air.

  • Waluigi Launcher: In the SMG4-Verse, Waluigi still has some abilities he can call his own. He has been seen multiple times being launched at opponents, dubbed the "Waluigi Launcher."
  • Professional Criminal: He, along with Wario, are also expert con artists, scammers, and even thieves. There have been events where the two have been involved in bank robberies.

Power Of Rejection Form

This is Waluigi's set of Powers & Abilities, when he is in his Rejection Form.

  • Rejection Energy: During the Waluigi Rejection Arc, Waluigi's most powerful & dangerous ability first appeared in Waluigi's Time After years of constant rejection, Waluigi is able to transfer his emotions of being rejected into energy blasts, which he can fire at people and make them feel the emotional suffering Waluigi had all those years. Waluigi can continue to gain strength by getting rejected more and more. When his strength is beginning to show, a black smoke-like aura surrounds him. At high levels, he can conjure matter and objects with his staff, and summon portals to different locations. At best, he obtains relatively godly abilities with this power. However, Waluigi does have a weakness. When he gets accepted into something, his rejection powers leave him until he is rejected by the person that previously accepted him.
  • T-Pose Virus: Waluigi can create T-Pose mushrooms or use his staff to turn people into T-Pose Zombies. However, he lost this ability when his staff was destroyed.
  • Teleportation/Portal Creation: As seen in SMG4: Mario SAW and SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, Waluigi has the ability to teleport.
  • Matter Creation: Waluigi created a levitating throne conjured from his Rejection Power.
  • Shapeshifting: He also can shapeshift, with examples being Majora's Mask and Hideo Kojima.
  • Mind Control: In War Of The Fat Italians 2018 - Official Trailer and The Mario Convention, Waluigi seems to have the ability to control people, as seen with Master Hand, and anyone under the influence of the T-Pose Infection respectively.
  • Psychokinesis: Waluigi can manipulate the movement of certain objects to a very high degree, as seen in SMG4: The Mario Convention! when he was able to stop Master Hand himself. In The Waluigi Apocalypse, he saved his staff at the last second before Mario could grab it, and in SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing, where he caught Bob Bobowski just before he hit the ground and gently set him down to the ground in order to make Bob realize the most important thing to him is friends (Here, he is holding a stick as opposed to the staff that was destroyed).
  • Incredible fighting skills:in stupid Mario golf he showed that he has some epic combat skills but it isn’t enough to defeat Matt,he can even do a cooler version of waluigi launcher.


  • Waluigi has a fear of simians (specifically Donkey Kong) as seen in The Wacky Wario Bros.: Wario's Treasure Hunting Time.
  • The letter on his hat, which is an upside-down L, is the Greek letter Gamma. It's unknown if this is intentional or if he's just a retard gone lucky.
    • Although it's likely just done by Nintendo as a reference to Waluigi's name is Japanese for "Bad Luigi".
  • Waluigi plays Han Solo in Mushroom Wars: That Space Series?.
  • He's occasionally used as a launcher (Waluigi Launcher) by other people.
  • As shown in the Waluigi Arc, Waluigi often takes his shirt off, revealing a musclebound chest underneath and a purple headband. This version of Waluigi is known as "Walurambo".
  • It is revealed that the Real Life SMG4 has a Waluigi Plush Doll.
  • Since SMG4: Waluigi's Time, he has magic powers (so far making others feel as rejected as he making T-Pose Mushrooms and making portals) but only when he feels hated and rejected.
  • It has been shown that Waluigi can get more powerful based on how many times he gets rejected, as implied in Mario: SAW when he revealed that he was about to become his "ultimate form" due to everyone but Mario rejecting his invitations.
  • After Mario SAW, Waluigi could be seen in the distance in SMG4's channel banner, hinting at his return. After The Mario Carnival, he got even closer to the screen, right next to Mario. After Mario The Scam Artist, Waluigi got behind the SMG4 logo and the other characters are starting to fade away. After The Mario Convention, Waluigi got at the front of the SMG4 logo and the other characters (along with the logo) are continuing to fade away, as the castle is slowly getting darker. After Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse, All of the characters (along with the logo) had disappeared, the background had become purple, and Waluigi had now transformed into his final form.
  • It is possible that Waluigi might still have his powers, as we see him powering up scattered throughout the SMG4 channel.
  • He, Grand Dad, Ztar and Dr. Kawashima might be considered as some of the most powerful characters in the SMG4 universe.
  • In Season 11 he, Wario and Toad appeared as protagonists in SMG4: Nintendo Gets Deleted for the first time since Season 8.

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