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—Wario to Waluigi

Wario (full name Wario the Plumber, also known as Wario Gaywalker or Fartudinous Lump of Poop) is Mario's rival and doppelganger and one of the two secondary antagonists of the SMG4 series (alongside Waluigi). He appears in some of SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos and mainly stars in The Wacky Wario Bros. series of videos, along with Waluigi, generally as antagonists. However, following The Waluigi Arc, the two brothers reconcile their feud and start becoming better people. Along with his brother Waluigi, he hasn't made many appearances in Season 9.


In Nintendo canon, Wario is an obese, muscular, hot-tempered and greedy man, and Mario's yellow-and-purple clad arch-rival. Most of the time, he goes on adventures ranging from stealing treasure to running a microgame making company.

He sometimes helps the heroes in the Mushroom Kingdom on a few separate occasions, such as when he rescued Mario from Waluigi. However, he has also been the villain in a few bloopers, usually whenever he gets his hands on something that grants him power.

In SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers, most of his personality traits are unchanged, minus the head of the microgame company, which has barely appeared in his bloopers.

He is shown to love his brother Waluigi and is regret for mistreating and bullying him, which leads to him losing his power of rejection and no longer turning people into T-Pose zombies.


Wario was able to survive Mario's Pain Train, which was full of death traps. However, he was taken down by a minigun that shot numerous coins at him in Mario's Challenge and a rocket launched by his brother Waluigi which destroyed his kart in Stupid Mario Kart.

During the time in which he obtained the Super Mario Maker, he was able to torment Mario in a variety of creative ways.

Criminal Record

  • Bank Robbery: Due to Wario's greed, he and Waluigi occasionally steal money from the bank. Their most recent robbery was in SMG4: Mario Waits in Line For Some Spaghetti, where he tried to rob a bank with Waluigi, however their plan failed after their guns fired gummy bears.
  • Scamming: In newer bloopers, Wario tries to scam people to get their money.
  • Stealing: The most recent person he stole from was Tari in SMG4: The Big Bad Bully.
  • Torturing: In SMG4: Stupid Mario Maker , Wario tortured Mario and later Luigi for his own amusement, until his Switch's battery ran out.
  • Attempted Murder: In SMG4: Mario The Scam Artist, Wario tried to throw Luigi into the sewers and leave him for dead out of anger when the latter said he had no money, but Mario stopped him.


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