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Weegee is a classic recurring character in the SMG4 series.

He is a well known Nintendo-based meme derived from the Paper Mario files and the Luigi sprite of the PC version of Mario is Missing! who resembles a twisted version of Luigi that is supposed to give one a disturbed feeling. Weegee has many fanmade counterparts as well. In SMG4's bloopers, Weegee has many other counterparts, such as Paper Weegee, and they all own their own private Weegee Dimension.

He had a major role as an antagonist in the episode HalloWeegee Special 2014 in which he was summoned from the Weegee Board. Later on after sending Mario into the Weegee Dimension and meeting Luigi, he went out on a "Rampage" through the city as a giant with Luigi on his cap. Eventually Mario was able to escaped the Weegee Dimension (with his clothes taken) and proceeded to seal Weegee back into the Weegee Board. Unfortunately their was a WEEGEE ERROR 404 which halt the process, this lead to Mario shooting Weegee, being able to stuff half of Weegee's body through the board's portal and dumped it in the trash. As Mario and the others walked back home, Waluigi came and took the Weegee Board and procced to sleep with Weegee ending the video.

Ever since then Weegee has just made cameo's in few SMG4 episodes, its unknown if they really him or just Weegee clones. Its unknown if he'll ever make an appearance as a major character or even seen in more episodes.



  • Weegee is voiced by Roger Gushing, unlike Luigi, who is voiced by Charles Martinet, as are Mario, Wario, and Waluigi.
  • Weegee has been known to many people as an antagonist. SMG4 portrays him as an antagonist as well.
  • Not many people can understand Weegee because he almost only says "Weegee". However, Mario and Luigi can, this is because Mario has had to deal with Luigi all his life and Luigi can because Weegee is a giant Luigi.
  • In the music video 12 idiots of Christmas, the twelfth day of Christmas is said in WEEGEE language.

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