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Weegee! Weegee! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

—The Luigi Doll's chant.

Weegee Doll is the Luigi Doll that worked in the Snitch Productions for SMG3 as the Doppelganger to Luigi. He oddly doesn't turn people into Luigi Dolls like the others but this may be because Luigi Dolls stopped being hostile a long time ago except for the Weegee Doll Invasion. He along with the rest of the Anti-Cast turned against SMG3 and helped defeat him. After the YouTube Arc, the Weegee Doll was reduced to a background character appearing in cameos like SMG4: Mario Babies and the SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special.



  • It is unknown whether this Luigi doll has the same abilities as the other Luigi dolls.
  • It is also the only Anti-Cast member to have had a genuinely evil history which explained why it is the only member who was able to help SMG3 stop Mario after being given the Youtube Remote and was told to do him a little flavor.
  • It has the least recurring appearances out of the Anti-cast members.
  • Because it looks like any other Luigi Doll, the only way to know when Weegee Doll appears is if a Luigi Doll is with the Anti-Cast.

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