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Whispy Woods (also known simply as Whispy) is a recurring boss from the Kirby series. Whispy is a gigantic tree that is usually immobile and is known for dropping apples on Kirby. He can also blow air puffs and sometimes may even shoot his roots.


Whispy Woods is a light-colored apple tree with a large bushel of leaves on his top branches. He has visible roots and a short, stubby branch on his side. His eyes and mouth are hollow circles and he has a pointy nose. SMG4's Whispy Woods grows apples, although Whispy is an apple tree in the Kirby series he can grow little round spheres, or even small stars growing from his branches in some appearances (the most common, however, are the apples). He can drop the apples and roll them across the ground as obstacles. Whispy Woods is known for being able to shoot puffs of air from his mouth, as well as exhale vegetables such as eggplants and carrots. 


Whispy's first appearance was in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Kirby Star Allies, in said episode Kirby and Mario would encounter Whispy on their adventure towards Castle Dedede.

Once Kirby saw Whispy he'd advise Mario to stay away from Whispy, as according to Kirby he brings a lot of suffering to those who find him. After readying to attack Whispy Kirby would see Mario conversing with Whispy who was joyed that someone actually wanted to talk to him.

When Mario asked for directions to Castle Dedede Whispy points them the way, so as a gift Mario gives whispy a Fire Flower. After expressing gratitude to each other Mario would travel on with Kirby behind bewildered.

After the pair leaves, Whispy would ask the fire flower if it would like to play with him also accidentally causing it to fall over and touch his roots to catch aflame which would quickly grow setting himself on fire as well as the forest. It is assumed that Whispy is dead due to the growing wildfire consuming the forest.


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