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Whitty is a character from Friday Night Funkin in the SMG4 series.


SMG4: If Mario Was In.... Friday Night Funkin

He is one of Daddy Dearest's minions and goes up against Mario in what is his song "Ballistic" (or "99% stupid"). He showcases his notable skill in the rap battle but ends up losing to Mario, likely due to the latter's training.


  • Whitty is actually from a fan-made mod, not the actual game.
  • Unlike how he's depicted in his source game mod, he's significantly more antagonistic in comparison to his original tragic portrayal, acting as a willing henchman to Daddy Dearest, whom he has a grudge against in the original mod, while showing cruel intimidation to his foe, namely Mario.
  • Apparently, he is 20% human and the other 80% is unknown.
  • Canonically, he got the name Whitmore in a factory. He picked up a tag and taught himself to read. Since the tag said Whitmore, he started calling himself Whitmore, but just shortened it to Whitty.

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