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The Wizard, real name unknown, is a minor character in the SMG4 series.

He is one of the main characters of A SM64 fairytale, and Mario's ally on the quest to defeat Bowser.


The wizard first appeared in Part 2 of the series, where he met Mario when he went to see the wizard some random guy told him about to become stronger. However he killed some homeless person thinking he was the wizard, however the real wizard came out and thanked him because the homeless person was annoying. However he explains to Mario that he can't simply give Mario magic and also that it's difficult to master, so Mario annoys him until he agrees to join him on the journey. So they journey awhile and fight stuff, until they finally get to Bowser's castle. So they go and fight the beast but the beast eats a Mega Mushroom, growing huge. The two barely escape and make it back to the kingdom to see the beast beating up all the towns people. The king is not very pleased that Mario came but the wizard convinces him he can kill Mario after they kill the beast. So they tie Mario up to the pole as a sacrifice to the beast, however, the beast shoots fire almost killing them but the wizard uses his powers to freeze time long enough for Mario and himself to jump away. At the end when Mario kills the beast, he says the village should have a party, and the wizard explains everyone in the village is dead. The final part ends with Mario and the wizard walking away to their next adventure.

Powers And Abilities

The wizard's time freeze ability

  • Power Blast
  • The ability to turn rocks into girls
  • Ability to freeze time


  • The wizard is based on SMG4 but with no overall.

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