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There’s a snake in my boot!

—Woody, Toy Story (1995 film)

Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at Hey bro. Where's the spaghetti at?
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Woddy as he appears in Spells n' Wiztards.

Woody is a cowboy, and the main character of the Pixar "Toy Story" Movies with Buzz Lightyear. In SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, he appears in a few episodes, including "Spells n' Wiztards".

History Edit

Spells n' WiztardsEdit

Created by Mario using a living spell on a Woody doll, he literally tried to kill the red plumber when he saw him.

Retarded64: Mario the OlympianEdit

He competes in the Olympics against Mario and the others.

The Mario Channel: Mario Vs WildEdit

Woody appeared when Mario sat on his eggs which made him mad and started chasing Mario but Mario fled. When Mario was picking berries, he saw Woody when he searched a bush so Mario walked away. Later Woody was fighting Sniper and won while Mario took Sniper's phone to buy a helicopter. Woody's design for this episode looks slightly different from his previous appearances.


He is seen in Bowser's dream in the audience. After Wario thinks Mario started a riot, Woody is seen fighting Dr. Eggman. In this episode, his design returns to his original look in Spells and Wiztards and Mario the Olympian.

SMG4: Wild, Wild MarioEdit

Woody appears in Luigi's bar alongside many other people ordering some drinks there once again Woody's design is his usual design.

SMG4: The Movie AuditionEdit

In this blooper, Mario portrayed him in the Toy Story segment.

SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse Edit

He became a T-Pose Zombie in this episode and tries to attack SMG4 and Mario, but is knocked out by Saiko. Unlike other T-Pose Zombies, he was perfectly capable of speech.

Appearance Edit

Woody is a cowboy, then he dresses like any cowboy: he wears a brown cowboy hat, a yellow shirt with red squares and cow patterns, brown boots, jeans, and a brown belt.

Trivia Edit

You're my favorite deputy, Die Bitch!

You're my favorite deputy, Die Bitch!

  • His "DIE B*TCH" phrase came from the Smosh video "If Scary Movies Were Real!".
  • The Mario Channel: Mario VS Wild was the only episode where his look changed, in his next appearance his look turned back to his usual look.
    • Woody is also the only G-Mod character whose look has ever evolved.
  • He is far more evil than his Disney counterpart. (While Woody defenestrated Buzz, it was never his intention.)


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