—Yoshi, SMG4: Mario Preschool

Tyrannosaurus Yoshisaur Munchikoopas, or better known as Yoshi, is a recurring character in the SMG4 series.

He is a green yoshi who used to be a pet to Mario and Luigi. Both his role and personality wildly varies between appearances, but he is mostly a fruit lover, a coward (sometimes) and a nice guy (usually). He is also shown to be very suicidal shown in a few videos. He also refuses to pay his taxes, going as far as letting his child die in War of The Fat Italians 2018. He is now a fugitive who is associated with the Grand Council of Tax Fraud.


Yoshi is an anthropomorphic dinosaur who is a drug addict. He is an ally of Mario, Luigi, and Peach. The reason that he lives on the roof of the castle is because he ate all the food that Peach had. Yoshi, wanting to return to the castle in the video Yoshrooms, tried to break into the castle., and past the events of videos Yoshrooms Yoshi was part of the cast with Mario, SMG4, Meggy, Luigi, Bowser, and among others. His exclusion is seen in the video of Stupid Mario World where Yoshi asks Mario why he does not visit him and Mario tells him that it is because he does not see him when he walks out of the castle and becoming only cameos in recent videos.

He was running from the RMKP authorities since SMG4: Mario Preschool as he is wanted for committing tax fraud, a reference to a popular meme. He has since been caught by the police in SMG4: Super Mario Taxi, as he was shot by a missile from a police helicopter.


Yoshi, like much of the other characters, has a few special abilities:

  • Near-Invulnerability: For an unexplained reason; Yoshi has somehow endured and survived any and all misfortune and abuse he's been slung: including and definitely not limited to crashing into the castle wall while at the same time, his back was surviving a pressure of over 590 pounds (Wario was riding on him), falling onto molten lava and living, even after being blown up, survived humping a watermelon, falling all the way off a bridge and exploding once again at the bottom, survives having his legs crippled near daily, duels against foes in excess of street level, and, most notably, in Yoshrooms, Yoshi survives getting drugged for over 2 weeks, blown up, savagely beaten up by a fellow Yoshi, crushed right in the stomach (one of the most painful and deadly areas to be struck) by Mario's kart (which can reach averages of 55 MPH in Mario Kart), dragged across the street. He felt all of this, is clearly quite traumatized. It's actually quite surprising what he can live through, granted his sanity from all the trauma is quite irreversibly damaged.


  • He is currently the longest-serving recurring character in the series.
  • In the SMG4 series, the reason why he has to live on the castle roof is that he once ate all of Peach's food and crapped on her bed. The real reason though is for the Easter Egg on Super Mario 64.
  • In the Mario franchise, Yoshi was a dinosaur living on Dinosaur Land, but in SMG4, he was a deformed clone of one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park that Luigi bought for 200,000,000 coins all at Peach's expense.
  • Yoshi sells drugs to children.
  • In August 2014, it was revealed that Yoshi's real name (outside of the bloopers) is "T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas".
  • In SMG4: New Year, New Mario, he has been revealed to have a weed addiction.
  • As seen in R64: Stupid Mario Party, Yoshi has suicidal thoughts, evident as he keeps on saying that "he wants to die". This may be because of the events of SM64 Bloopers: The Great Yoshi Race, where he was pushed to his limits .
  • Tari mains Yoshi in Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Bros.
  • He committed tax fraud but was able to get away from the police almost every single time, until he was caught in SMG4: Super Mario Taxi, when he was shot by a missile from a police helicopter.


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