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Yoshi is a dinosaur character appearing in several of SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers. He mostly made appearances in SuperMarioGlitchy4's earlier bloopers.

He is usually the deuteragonist in videos, being Mario's sidekick. His personality wildly varies between appearances, but he is mostly a fruit lover, a coward sometimes and usually a nice guy. He also refuses to pay his taxes, going as far as letting his child die in War of The Fat Italians 2018 and he is shown to be very suicidal shown in a few videos.


Yoshi is an anthropomorphic dinosaur who is a drug addict. He is an ally of Mario, Luigi, and Peach. The reason that he lives on the roof of the castle is because he ate all the food that Peach had. Yoshi, wanting to return to the castle in the video Yoshrooms, tried to break into the castle., and past the events of videos Yoshrooms Yoshi was part of the cast with Mario, SMG4, Meggy, Luigi, Bowser, and among others. His exclusion is seen in the video of Stupid Mario World where Yoshi asks Mario why he does not visit him and Mario tells him that it is because he does not see him when he walks out of the castle and becoming only cameos in recent videos.

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Yoshi first appeared in SMG4's second blooper, Dreams, where Yoshi feeds Mario some mushrooms he found growing on the side of the toilet, making Mario high.


Yoshi appears again in this blooper where he tells Mario a flashback about how Mario didn't help him when he got in a fight with the Master Hand.

Mario QuitsEdit

Yoshi later appears in Mario Quits where he is the runner up for Mario's replacement, but loses because he kicks Lakitu with his messed up legs. 

Time FreezeEdit

Yoshi made a small appearance in Time Freeze where Mario asked Yoshi what the time is, but he was frozen like the rest of the world.

Master of Fail DisguisesEdit

On this blooper, he doesn't actually appear, but he's one of Mario's fail disguises which the guards realize is a disguise when they realized Yoshi can't talk.

Wallets and DinosaursEdit

Here, Yoshi steals Mario's wallet which causes an all out war between him and Mario. This video marks his first major appearance and his first antagonistic role.

The Mystery of the Missing White and BlueEdit

Yoshi made a small appearance in this blooper where Mario was going to use him to track SMG4 but he jumps off the bridge and explodes.

Mario And The 1337 p0liceEdit

Yoshi helps Mario to climb a wall, but fails and also Mario shoots him.

101 ways for Mario to die (The right way!)Edit

Way 84 is Yoshi Problems. Specifically, Mario is riding Yoshi when the dinosaur suddenly jumps off a cliff, taking the plumber with him.

Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition)Edit

In one skit, Mario eats a mushroom and gets sent to some weird Yoshi Sex Dungeon/Island.


Mario gets a pet Yoshi. This marks his second major appearance since Wallets And Dinosaurs.

Ssenmodnar 9 (Time travel edition) Edit

Jbro109 and Yoshi sing and dance to "The Watermelon Song", when a message pops up stating "DON'T HUMP WATERMELONS" after Yoshi explodes from doing so.

The Great Yoshi Race.Edit

Mario enters Yoshi into a Yoshi race. This is his third major appearance.

Retarded64: Boo Busters Edit

Yoshi accompanies Mario, Luigi, and Toad in this video and Yoshi walks the dinosaur at one point.

SMG4: Mario Preschool Edit

Yoshi attempts to teach children how to do their taxes by telling them they shouldn't pay them and they should hide from the police. Unfortunately for him, he is discovered by the police, and he gets arrested for committing tax fraud.

SMG4: War of The Fat Italians 2018 Edit

Mario and SMG4 attempt to make Yoshi pay his taxes, but neither breaking his entire house with an army (Mario's attempt) or threatening his child (SMG4's attempt) can make him pay it.

SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing Edit

Yoshi is seen riding on a sleigh while shooting at a tank, who is chasing Yoshi while yelling, "STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLE!" Bob, having witnessed it, says "Sigh. Even Yoshi has someone for Christmas, and he's been on the run for ages."

Other AppearancesEdit

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Yoshi has a somewhat cameo appearance in "A Random Day" where he promises Mario a birthday present and runs away and never returns.

In "Charming Peach" Yoshi appears on Luigi's team on a flashback about how Mario's never there for Peach.

In "Problematic Pipe Problems", Yoshi appears briefly helping out the bros stop King Pipe, but when Mario reveals Yoshi's sole role was to make omelettes for the gang, he runs away from the bros in a blind panic, prompting the bros to chase him, with that chase ultimately costing Yoshi his life.

Smg4 also plays as Yoshi in several other games because there is no color code for him in those games. For example, in Race for Golden Overalls, he appeared as a red Yoshi in Super Smash Bros., and in Mario Kart he was just Yoshi.

Yoshi appears in "The Wacky Wario Bros.: The Welcome Invitation", where Wario is riding on him inside the castle and crashes into a wall.

Yoshi has a few small cameo appearances in the Ssenmodnar Series.

He appears in Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Bros. in SMG4: Mario The Ultimate Gamer.


Yoshi, like much of the other characters, has a few special abilities:

  • Near-Invulnerability: Yoshi has survived virtually EVERYTHING thrown at him; Yoshi has survived, in total, survived crashing into the castle wall while at the same time, his back was surviving a pressure of over 590 pounds (Wario was riding on him), falling onto molten lava and living, even after being blown up, survived humping a watermelon, falling all the way off a bridge and exploding once again at the bottom, survives having his legs crippled near daily, duels against foes in excess of street level, and, most notably, in Yoshrooms, Yoshi survives getting drugged for over 2 weeks, blown up, savagely beaten up by a fellow Yoshi, crushed right in the stomach (one of the most painful and deadly areas to be struck) by Mario's kart (which can reach averages of 55 MPH in Mario Kart), dragged across the street... and Yoshi barely even felt a thing.

Most recently, in The Great Yoshi Race, Yoshi survived getting blasted by a nuclear cannon twice, slight abuse during the race, and gains his most absurd feat in the end; he goes up against Bowsers "Yoshi", a very violent and savage beast, and, implied that the "Yoshi was not holding back whatsoever", Yoshi easily survived for 592 rounds straight. He is also seen to be able to survive a full blown explosion and survive drowning in WOTFI 2018.


  • Yoshi is a dinosaur (obviously).
  • The reason why he has to live on the castle roof is because he once ate all of Peach's food and crapped on her bed. The real reason though is for the Easter Egg on SM64.
  • Yoshi was a deformed clone from Jurassic Park that Luigi bought for 200,000,000 coins all at Peach's expense.
  • In the bloopers, Yoshi has crippled legs due to the code to play as the character in SM64 which causes Yoshi's legs to look twisted.
  • Mario claims that when he was impersonating Yoshi, it was from a Mario Kart accident.
  • Yoshi sells drugs to children.
  • He loves melons.
  • He actually makes a cameo in "Bad Stars" and "Super Magical Fun Fun Island" on the roof of Princess Peach's Castle. Yoshi can also be seen in "The Toadassass-ination" when ToadOther ToadSteveBen and Mario are playing Mario Kart 64.
  • In early bloopers, Yoshi could talk but for some strange reason, he can't talk in more recent bloopers, aside SM64: RETARDED RECAP 2016, where he was interviewed by SMG4.
  • In August 2014, it was revealed that Yoshi's real name (outside of the bloopers) is "T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas".
  • In SMG4: New Year, New Mario, he has been revealed to have a weed addiction.
  • As seen in Stupid Mario Party, Yoshi has suicidal thoughts, evident as he keeps on saying that "he wants to die". This may be because of the events of The Great Yoshi Race.
  • Yoshi enjoys committing tax fraud as seen in SMG4: Mario Preschool, 2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR), and SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2018.
  • Tari mains Yoshi in Super Smash Each Other in the Ass Bros.
  • In one of smg4's early episodes it is claimed yoshi was born in the land that never was.

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