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Yoshi Omelette is a dish served at Pingas Restuarante. It is an omelette made from a Yoshi Egg.


  1. Acquire target.
  2. Have Link throw a rock at a Bob-omb.
  3. Set Toad on fire.
  4. Toad hits emergency fire button on the wall.
  5. Heavy comes in and steps on a button.
  6. Heavy explodes sending toast in the air.
  7. Toast lands next to another button.
  8. Toast Obsessed Shy Guy sees toast and jumps on it, pressing the button.
  9. Meanwhile Bowser tries to sneak down to the Yoshis but fails epically, causing Red Yoshi to have an egg.
  10. Crack the egg and boil.



  • Oddly enough, the owner of the restaurant Dr. Eggman can be seen helping Mario and Bowser in getting the Omelette Recipe, despite them ruined his restaurant business.

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