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The YouTube Remote is a magical remote control owned by Susan Wojcicki which can affect the universe in multiple ways. It first appeared in SMG4: Mario Is Cancelled. It is also an important item and catalyst for the YouTube Arc. It is also the host for the SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020.


The YouTube Remote is a red and white remote. It has an antenna with a swirling pattern, the YouTube symbol on the top, and a subscribe button on the bottom. There are also rewind and fast-forward buttons in its corners.

The remote has multiple different buttons. The center has a button with a neutral/confused face, which is surrounded by arrows. There is also, in anticlockwise order, a play button, a download button, a closed captions button, a notification button, a mute button, a button with a Robloxian head, and a pause button.


The YouTube Remote has a lot of powerful abilities. The abilities that are shown are:

  • Rewinding time.
    • Backwards aging.
  • Fast-forwarding time.
  • Skipping time.
  • Pausing time.
  • Downgrading quality.
  • Changing languages.
  • Muting.
  • Making fictional things real.
  • Summoning demonic entities.
  • Dimension hopping.
  • summoning YouTube oof buttons.
  • Entering videos.
  • Factory reset.



  • The model is a Garry's Mod Addon by C_art although it can only be accessed though the link
  • The YouTube Remote is currently the only device once wielded by an antagonist to not be destroyed
  • It's possible Ztar might be the the spirit of the YouTube Remote. Since both the Oof Buttons and Ztar say "HELLO THERE BOYS." the exact same way, and the spirit's text font (While possessing JubJub) and Ztar's text font are similar
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