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The YouTube Remote is a magical remote control owned by Susan Wojcicki which can affect the universe in multiple ways. In SMG4 series, it first appeared in SMG4: Mario Is Cancelled. It is also an important item and catalyst for the YouTube Arc. It is also the host for the SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020.


The YouTube Remote is a red and white remote. It has an antenna with a swirling pattern, the YouTube symbol on the top, and a subscribe button on the bottom. There are also rewind and fast-forward buttons in its corners.

The remote has multiple different buttons. The center has a button with a neutral/confused face, which is surrounded by arrows. There is also, in anticlockwise order, a play button, a download button, a closed captions button, a notification button, a mute button, a button with a Robloxian head, and a pause button.


The YouTube Remote has a lot of powerful abilities. The abilities that are shown are:

  • Rewinding time
    • Backwards aging
  • Fast-forwarding time
  • Skipping time
  • Pausing time
  • Downgrading quality
  • Changing languages
  • Muting
  • Making fictional things real
  • Summoning demonic entities
  • Dimension hopping
  • Summoning YouTube Oof Buttons
  • Entering videos
  • Factory reset
  • Spirit body possession



  • The model is a Garry's Mod Addon by C_art although it can only be accessed though the link.
  • The YouTube Remote is currently the only device once wielded by an antagonist to not be destroyed.
  • This may be based of the Universal Remote from Gumball due to the fact that it can control certain aspects of the world, and they almost have similar functions.

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